Studio Tosetti
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A journey through different realities.


Studio Tosetti is a Vancouver-based design studio, specialized in creating digital art, photography and general visual art projects.  We strive to design and create new visual languages in the form of art, prints, home-decor and other special collections.

We believe that art is the result of a complex equation which carries society's current forms of expression and the advances of technology reach as its variables. Technology is the intrinsic variable that will create, improve, destroy and modify the tools that we have so we create art! And art itself is the fuel to change society's status quo and therefore create new models of that same society. As Jason Silva said:

"Imagine how impoverished this world would have been if we had not invented the technology of the oil painting in time for Van Gogh, or the technology of the music instrument in for Beethoven and Mozart to enthral through it."

We believe that to create digital art is nothing more than an evolutionary step affected by the new tools that are presented to us. Our work is a product of those correlations between art and science.


Studio Tosetti designs collections, limited editions, one-off objects, digital art images, fabrics, and photographs. Follow us on Facebook and discover a variety of new products as they become available to you. 

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