About the exhibition

"Reality, it seems, is multiple, and tightly coupled to perception."
- Diana Slattery

Elements Exhibition is the representation of different expressions of realities. Elements images are possibilities for consciousness to choose from, to connect with higher dimensional expressions of creativity, insight and spirituality. Uplifting of the human spirit.

Kito Tosetti explored different technologies to create four collections of abstract images, each representing a new window to alternate realities.

The exhibition took place from December 10th to 15th at the Nudelman Collection Floating Gallery, at Sea Village on Granville Island.

We designed this video to promote the Elements Digital Art Exhibition.
With the concept of alternate realities and the subjectivity of what we see as the world, we quote the modern philosophies of Jason Silva as well as some dialogs from the documentary "DMT: The Spirit Molecule" together with figurative footage to express how fragile and easily modified those realities can be.

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