Human is a urban enviroment

Urbanoids is a collection of graphic art images that represent the new human species that have arisen from their disconnection from nature. These Urbanoid beings have created their own new environment; a reflection of this new reality. Fabricated by our new collective consciousness, this reality pervades modern society.  A near impermeable barrier between nature and humans has been erected.

Urbanoids decomposes the elements captured in an image of an urban scene and then melds them together using digital art technologies to interpret and create new realities, reflecting Urbanoids’ consciousness.  It is the interplay between modern, urban humans and art.


Light Forms


Our lighting research program is based on mimicking the pulsating movement and forms of jellyfish along with the integration of LED lights to create dynamic 'bio-luminaries' immersed in water tanks.

Micro bubbles are dispersed across the dynamic light flow increasing light retention and refraction. Water tanks can be small and mounted over dining tables or stand-alone lamps, or they can be large and embedded in big walls. The possibilities are endless.

Colour Expansion

Color is not an inherent quality of objects in the world.  Color is a construct; an illusion created by your brain.  It is the interaction between the properties of luminescent reflectivity and shadows.

We can only know the world through the signals that our instruments sensors perceive. Digital cameras of our time are limited to the RGB color spectrum. Color Expansion is digital art that goes beyond the RGB registration of colors.

In collaboration with Dr. Yasser Fawzy of Zycor Labs, we are developing a multispectral camera. This revolutionary camera utilizes a very sophisticated electronic system to capture colors as humans perceive them. Digital art with True Colors is the basis of the Color Expansion project.